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Friday, 9 September 2011

Brown Cow, Butler Street

Former Brown Cow, Butler Street, Miles Platting. (c) Google 2012. Click for Larger Map.

Another of Miles Platting's modern estate pubs to fall to further redevelopment, the Brown Cow stood on Butler Street on the corner with Woodward Street.  Before it was closed it was described as a boisterous two-roomed Wilson's house [1], and Alan Winfield captured it in 1992 at Pubs Galore.  The Brown Cow is seen here in 1964 with its off-licence attached, four years after it opened, replacing the original Brown Cow which had stood here since at least the 1820s.  The Brown Cow is these days fenced off having been converted to flats.

New Brown Cow, Woodward Street, (c) Google 2013. View Larger Map.

2. The Old Pubs of Ancoats, Neil Richardson (1987).

1 comment:

  1. Could of been a good investment.a family pub with home cooking on the menu is what the area needs.there alot of good memories ther when ken an kath ran it.never get landlord an lady like them again but it would of been nice for someone to get it back up an running like it use to be so that the community had somewhere to socialist other than ther gardens an local shop.takin the pubs out of are area is like putting the elderly on a curfew.some are to old to travel about finding a place to meet friends so they stay at home like prisoners coz thers no were to go for them.the local pub was a close safe distance to travel an meet up to smile an joke with ther friends.its sad to only see them sitting in ther garden in the fxxxing sad.