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Monday, 19 September 2011

Brass Handles, Edgehill Close

The Brass Handles estate pub was built for Whitbread's in 1975 on Edgehill Close, off Fitzwarren Street, south of Salford Precinct.  Sadly, it is probably best known for the high-profile execution of two gangsters who were killed following a failed hit-job in March 2006.  

Brass Handles, Edgehill Close, Salford. (c) dailymail.

They had walked into the Brass Handles, opened fire on two blokes watching the United match, and as they fled, were themselves both shot dead on the grass outside the pub where children were playing [1].  The fatal shots were apparently fired from a hitman's weapon by an anonymous drinker.

Brass Handles, Edgehill Close, Salford, 2006. (c) MEN.

Following the shootings, the Brass Handles was closed by GMP and never reopened.  Shown below boarded up and then for sale, it has recently been bulldozed, leaving just two Salford Precinct estate pubs surviving, the Flemish Weaver (once known as Salford's drug store) and the Winston (known to locals as the 'Fraggle Rock').  The Brass Handles is shown at flickr by deltrems.


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  1. Apparently very safe-if you were a local-until the incident. Did it make any real difference closing it?