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Monday, 1 November 2010

127. Deaf Institute, Grosvenor Street

Deaf Institute, Grosvenor Street. (c) largemanchester.

Leaving The Pub, it was quick stroll across to the music venue that is the Deaf Institute, and into the downstairs bar and eating area.  This is a sister bar to Trof in the Northern Quarter, and as such persists with an equally outrageous pricing system. But in saying this, it doesn't seem to put the local students off spending their hard earned student loans in here.  It's no wonder some of them rack up such debts if they drink in places like this.

The bar itself however is friendly and welcoming but does feel a little bit too café-ish if I'm honest.  The staff were attentive, and discussed the available drinks with us and warned us when we had selected the £5.50 a pint Blue Moon.  The overall beer selection is plentiful, with draught lagers and American ales available and a good bottled selection, albeit a pricey one.  There is a glaring lack of real ale though, either on pump or in bottled format which is something of a shame.  We tried a pint of keg Brooklyn ale, which was very nice, though at £4 a pint is a bit steep when you're on a session. 

As with The Pub, I wouldn't put anyone off as it's a nice little bar with decent low-key tunes, but make sure you've got deep pockets.  When this place first opened a few years ago it was known as the Deaf & Dumb Institute, as the old building itself has always been, but decided to change to the more politically correct shortened name.


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