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Monday, 29 November 2010

Dickens, Oldham Street

Possible former location of Dickens, Oldham Street. (c)

This gay bar / club was was on Oldham Street in the 1970s and '80s.  On the recently created website, Dickens Club is described as 74a Oldham Street, which - if the numbering system is correct - is actually this building on the left (No.72 is clearly shown on the right), a couple of doors up from the Castle (No.66).

Possible former location of Dickens, 74a Oldham Street. (c) googlemaps..



  1. Building on the left in the 2nd picture..
    Through the door and up the stairs.
    Seems like only yesterday.

    1. do you have any pics from dickens i lived in rochdale and i went there with friends every weekend,my email is

  2. Dickens was not just a club for “gay” people, it catered for differing people both young or old, gay or straight from the community.

    There was always to be found a strong bond of friendship between the different clientele.

    You entered the establishment by a set of steep stairs and as I recall a pay booth.

    Followed on your right was a pool table and kitchen, the bar, DJ, dance floor and two toilets.

    Brian was the proprietor.

    David was the licencee and Christine the bar manager. Margaret at one time was also bar manager.

    Tinker Bell (a Liverpudlian) was at one time the DJ.

    When David sadly passed away, as a cause of a fatal accident, his funeral service was held within Manchester Cathedral.

  3. Had many a fine night in there