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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

128. Salutation, Higher Chatham Street

Salutation, Higher Chatham Street. (c) salutationpub.

A quick wander across Oxford Road, past the Royal Northern College of Music (their canteen wasn't for us, even if it does allegedly serve real ale) and round the corner sits the Salutation.  A fine old Victorian pub sat behind the 1960s monoliths of Oxford Road, and a friendly little place as well.  Beer selection was a bit limited with only Timothy Taylors Landlord on, but there was another pump which was "off today."

The pub itself is really one big room, linked around a central bar with a small beer garden at the back. With its location, it might put you off searching out, but don't because its a fine little place.  Just needs more choice!  General clientele was a bit mixed with a few beardies in when we arrived, a few of the local "characters" out the back, and the odd student popping his head in.  Presumably it's a busier student haunt at night time, judging by the various events planned with cheap or free shots one of the main attractions.


  1. Ah, my old local. Used to be the favoured watering haunt of the Polytechnic lecturers in the days when they liked a lunchtime session. I think it's fair to say it's seen better days but still clings on in there.

    At one time, it had 5 or 6 pumps in action. Happy days.

  2. Cracking old school boozer. The TTLL wasn't so clever, but is the nation's most overrated ale ever THAT good?

  3. Anyone remember mine hosts Les and Alma Vernon from the sixties? Unforgettable characters those two!


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