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Monday, 1 November 2010

126. The Pub, Grosvenor Street

The Pub, Grosvenor Street. (c) beerintheevening.

Our planned starting point of the Sandbar on Grosvenor Street, was unfortunately closed at 12.20 on a Saturday lunch time (poor show) so we had to make do with next door at The Pub.  This is a strange venue, quite cavernous in looks, and reminded me very much of a Wetherspoons but without the vagrants (and did used to be an Irish themed pub in the past, Scruffy Murphy's).  Despite this, the bar staff were friendly and there were three real ales available, London Pride, Black Sheep and Marstons Pedigree.  With some degree of trepdation we plumped for the London Pride, however we should not have worried as it turned out to be an excellent drop and all the better for being sparkled in the Northern manner.  Whilst possibly not our choice of ideal pub, it wasn't bad for starting off point and I'm sure its popular with the local student population.  Certainly wouldn't want to put anyone off, worth a try, if only for a couple.

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  1. Good to see the Pub getting some real ale in-it was keg for many years-but probably needs to advertise it more. As for Sandbar, it doesn't open till mid afternoon on Saturdays now. Why? Because (so I was told) students don't get out of bed before then.