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Monday, 22 November 2010

134. Tribeca, Sackville Street

Tribeca, Sackville Street. (c) googlemaps.

Noon on a Sunday probably isn't the best day for trying out yuppyish night-time music bars, but to our surprise Tribeca was open so we thought we'd pop in just for the one.  Indeed the floors were still wet from mopping but we didn't let this deter us from our first tipple of the day.  As you would expect, there was no real ale, so it was Guinness for me.  However credit where credit's due, they did at least have bottles of Bombardier so that was the beer of choice for my mate.

Tribeca, Sackville Street. (c) whathappenedlastnight.

The bar itself is set on three levels with the bed area (I kid you not) down below and the Purple Room as a seperate private function area set up above the main bar area.  It's your typical trendy bar with its settees and large tables taking up much of the room leaving little room for standing.  A bit of a waste of space if I'm honest.  With its location on the fringe of the Gay Vilage and overlooking Sackville Park (more recently known as Sackville Gardens and Whitworth Gardens) with its Alan Turing Memorial statue, you could be forgiven for thinking that Tribeca is a gay bar.  But I'm told that it has a mixed crowd of both gay and straights and that it is one of the more pleasant bars in this vicinity in the evening.


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