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Monday, 22 November 2010

135. Bar Rogue (Wave) / Saturdays, Portland Street

Bar Rogue, Portland Street. (c) studentgrill.

Bar Rogue name is quite apt for this bar with adjoining door to the grim and disreputable Britannia Hotel which now blights the once proud and still impressive old Watts warehouse.  Signs everywhere proclaim all day, every day drinks deals on just about everything, but we find out in reality, this isn't the case as "the City match is on" - erm, in London.  Anyway, that apart, once again, no real ale, so Guinness it is.  Sat over three levels, its a reasonable looking place but a bit sterile.  Good seating at the slightly grimy windows overlooking Portland Street, but you just couldn't get away from the hotel residents bar feel about the place.  I'm sure with its cheap drinks promotions, perhaps when there is no football on, Bar Rogue is attractive to the older people who for some reason seem to lap up John Smiths Smooth, but for beer hunters, nah, not for us.  The place expands to incorporate the adjacent Bar Wave - all part of the same, dreary place, so thankfully we can cross that off our to-do list.  Going back a decade or more and this place was known as Saturdays nightclub.

Bar Rogue, Portland Street. (c) hotelconnect.


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