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Monday, 29 November 2010

Saracen's Head, Rochdale Road

Former location of Saracen's Head, Rochdale Road. (c) googlemaps.

This flat-iron building on the corner of Rochdale Road and Sudell Street sure looks like it could have been an old pub or hotel but as of yet we have no evidence that it was.  However, opposite this corner used to be the Saracen's Head, on Rochdale Road, just to the right of the no entry sign [1].  The Saracen's Head was licensed from 1816 to 1904 as a Threlfall's house [2].  In the 18th century, Sudell Street was known as Church Street as St George's Church was down the road; the church and the coal wharves of Oldham Road Railway Station are long lost beneath the Royal Mail car park.

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2. The Old Pubs of Rochale Road and Neighbourhood - Manchester, Neil Richardson (1985).

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