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Monday, 22 November 2010

136. Blue Parrot / Che / Huxters / AM:PM / Hugo Mash, Portland Street

Che, Portland Street. (c) googlemaps.

And so onto the Blue Parrot, formerly Hugo Mash, AM:PM, Huxter's, Che and more famously before a complete rebuild, the Boardroom.  Nowadays it's aimed at an altogether different market from the Boardroom days, though I suspect that what it aims for and what it gets could be two very different things due to its close proximity to Edwards, Bar Rogue / Wave and Yates's.

AM:PM, Portland Street. (c) barblog.

It has tried to re-invent itself as the Blue Parrot Bar & Grill, and one end was very nicely decked out for diners, and you could be forgiven for thinking this was a swanky restaurant if you were having a beer here at 1pm on a Sunday afternoon as we were.  Alas the bottles of rosé for £6 give it away as not quite all that in truth.  Maybe in time they will manage to change the perception, they certainly appear to be trying hard, but it will always be difficult in this rea of town.

Huxter's, Portland Street. (c) carling.

As for the bar itself, long bar, no real ale and a very uninspiring bottled beer choice means it doesn't exactly tick all the right boxes for us beer drinkers.  Add to this the latest trend for settees all over the show, and you would think it would possibly struggle for standing areas when busy.  Again, an inoffensive enough place, there is a call for these type of bars, but they just aren't for us.


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