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Monday, 19 April 2010

065. Yates's, Portland Street

Yates's, Portland Street. (c) beerintheevening.

Yates's is what Yates's is. You know what you're getting with these sort of places, so you can't complain when it lives up to all its stereotypes. As you'd expect, it's got no real ale, its full of loose fitting women, and knuckle dragging fellas of no real particular age group. In short, Yates's is for the generally lower end of society, but it serves them wonderfully. With its blaring music, neon lighting and sticky floors, it is amazingly popular still, carving out its niche in this part of town, where clearly, it's just too far to walk to the Printworks! I've not been in here at night times for years, I suspect it will be years before I return again, buts it's done now and off the list. Thankfully this is the last of Manchester's Yates's, with the Oldham Street trio, High Street and Market Street Wine Lodges gone for good.

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