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Friday, 2 April 2010

Jacksons Wharf, Blantyre Street

Jacksons Wharf, Blantyre Street, 2009. (c) CDX at skyscrapercity.

This pub has been shut for a good few years now, closing about 2003/04, following the failure of this new development in Castlefield. It served Boddies handpulled, and Stella at a £1 a pint according to an old sign in the wall still, but failed probably due to the lack of footfall in this area. That said, the nearby Choice and Lava Bar seem to do alright these days.

Old Peel Holdings redevelopment plan for Jacksons Wharf. (c) ManCon.

The site is subject to various redevelopment plans. As well as the horrendous Peel Holdings (them of Trafford Centre fame) original re-design for Jacksons Wharf, above, a newer slightly less offensive proposal has now been published. The 88 apartment scheme would add yet another to block to Castlefield (despite the existing ones not being fully subscribed) without adding to the bar or restaurant scene.

New proposed Peel Holdings redevelopment of Jacksons Wharf. (c) ManCon.

Renowned architect Ian Simpson also proposed a new development for the area. The current building itself is a plain-looking 1980s red-brick pastiche warehouse and whether it gets demolished or refurbished, the site needs a kick up the arse like Castlefield does in general.

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