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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Angel Inn, Angel Yard

The Angel Inn is immortalised in an old traditional song:

It's coming down to Manchester to gain my liberty,
I met a pretty young doxy and she seemed full of glee.
Yes, I met a pretty young doxy, the prettiest ever I see,
At the Angel Inn in Manchester, there is the girl for me.

See the rest of it here, where it says, "The Angel Inn is said to have stood in the Market Place adjoining Market Sted Lane" [1]. A hand drawn map in Manchester The Hidden History indeed confirms this [2]. Just behind the Old Shambles, and just south of Bulls Head Yard and its Bulls Head, was Angel Yard containing the Angel Inn. The Manchester Times newspaper - a radical forerunner of the famous Manchester Guardian - was issued from an office in Angel Yard, which used to be called Hopwood Avenue going even further back [3].

2. Manchester The Hidden History, Michael Nevell (2008).
3. Manchester Streets & Manchester Men, Thomas Swindells (2008).

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