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Friday, 2 April 2010

Bridgewater Arms, High Street

Bridgewater Arms, High Street. (c) Antique Maps & Prints.

In the above print, apparently looking towards Market Street, the Bridgewater Arms is on the left. In 1808 a visitor was moved to complain about the accommodation at the Bridgewater Arms, "a spacious inn that had neither the cleanliness not the comfort we find in smaller places... Here all is hurry and bustle... and they care not whether we are pleased or not. We were led into a long room, hung round with great coats, spurs and horse whips, and with so many portmanteaus and saddle bags lying about, that it looked like a warehouse [1]". The claim to fame of this old lost pub is that the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) was founded after a meeting here in 1824. The entrance to Wellington Place now marks the site of the pub.

Former site of Bridgewater Arms, Wellington Place, off High Street. (c) googlemaps.


  1. The TUC was also established there.

    1. No, at Princess Street, where the Mechanics' Institute was -- I think.