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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Isadora's, Hanging Ditch

Isadoras, Hanging Ditch. (c) Manchester Music District Archive.

This was a sweaty little basement club beneath the Corn Exchange that played dance Madchester indie tunes - in fact I think it had an indie room and a dance room. Went in a couple of times in the mid '90s but these were very much our tired and emotional years so don't recall much except how hot it was. The most famous night it held was probably The Hangout; others included Transcendental and the last was Fondue. The entrance was near where Walcots / Rowntrees (now Zinc Bar) was. Isadora's is another venue lost to the IRA bomb in 1996.

Isadoras, Corn Exchange. (c) Isadora's Facebook.


  1. The Hangout - Summer 1989. If you remember it, you weren't there...