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Friday, 2 April 2010

King Arms (beerhouse), Great Ancoats Street

Not to be confused with the better-known Kings Arms also on Great Ancoats Street, this Kings Arms was a beerhouse which existed earlier for a few years in the 1850s. John Hincliffe started selling beer in his grocer's shop in 1851. He then advertised for a new tenant for the Crystal Palace mentioning that the beerhouse was now selling 10 barrels a month [1]. It stood opposite the White House.

1. The Old Pubs of Ancoats, Neil Richardson (1987).


  1. Hi Craig , do you have any info on "the Dan oconnell" it was in Butler st, Ancoats, would love a photo, but cant find much about it, any help would be helpful , thanks Jim

    1. I have sent some photos to this site for you.I used to live in the Dan's early 60s.All the best

  2. Jim,

    'The Old Pubs of Ancoats' has no mention of the Dan O'Connell on Butler Street I'm afraid.

    The Hoghton Arms opened in the 1830s ( and was replaced by the Magpie in 1963 (

    The Waterman (1830s) became the Falstaff (& Bardolph), then closed as the Waterman in 1959.

    The Angel ( was on the Oldham Road corner an replaced by this modern Angel,

    The Brown Cow on the corner of Woodward St,

    The Admiral still stands but is closed,

    There were at least 8 beerhouses on Butler Street. Described and pictured in the book are the Butler Inn (1834-1933), Old House at Home (1830s-1905-ish), Free Trade Tavern/Queens Arms 1840s-1906), Shakespeare (1850s-1860s), Kettledrum (1850s-1909), Blacksmiths (1860s-1895), Factory Tavern (1860s-1933) and Slip Inn (1865-1916).

    It's likely that the Dan O'Connell was either another name for one of the pubs or beerhouses listed, or was not recorded in the book.

  3. The Dan O'Connel was situated on a back street between Cornell Street (Cheshire Cheese) and Gt Ancoats Street (Crown and Kettle). It had a small frontage onto Oldham Road, near to New Cross Supplies.
    Used to nip in for a quick pint from work while the bosses weren't looking. It eventually turned into a club mainly used by Daily Express workers including me. Sadly all redeveloped into flats. I have seen some old pics of it on the net but can't remember where. Will post if I remember.

    1. The street The Dan was on was called Henry Street. Still looking for pics.

  4. Here's a pic. There are a few more if you search on Manchester Images site. Cheers, Rik.