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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Copper Face Jacks, Oxford Street

Copper Face Jacks, Oxford Street. (c) N. J. Higham at

Dingy chain bar beneath the Palace Hotel on the corner of Whitworth Street which closed only a year or two ago. Never had the pleasure myself but by all accounts it was a bit of a cattle market, so probably the Peter Street, Printworks and student crowd would have frequented it. One of its last incarnations appears to have been a venue for United fans to watch big matches, something which is no longer needed now match tickets are easier to come by thanks to the expansion of the stadium and the principled boycott by rebel FC United fans. It's now Tempus Bar & Restaurant, still affiliated to the hotel, and did try its hand at the Mongolian Barbecue apparently.

Tempus Bar & Restaurant, Oxford Street. (c) googlemaps.


  1. Copper Faced Jacks is still in use for functions! Worked a cider fest there. Very nice venue. But now part of the hotel's assets

  2. Dingy? Never!!! V fond memories of 'going to market'. Never really a student haunt, very popular with the after office hours crowd.