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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Bengal Tigers territory

We've mapped what we think are all the pubs, past & present, in our old Ancoats boundary of Oldham Road - Poland Street - Redhill Street - Great Ancoats Street. This was done in response to the "11 pubs and 14 beerhouses within 300 yards of the White Swan, Bengal Street" boast in Gangs of Manchester. Well, at one time or other, there's certainly been more than 25 alehouses in this little area (which doesn't include the many pubs just north and east of Poland Street that we aren't including). Only the Crown & Kettle and Shamrock remain open, and of the old pubs still standing (yellow), I reckon only the Edinburgh Castle has an outside change of reopening. The Smith's Arms and Cross Keys' days look numbered, and the Cheshire Cheese and Nelson on are Oldham Road are surely condemned. Count them if you can... I make it 66.

Old Ancoats. (c) googlemaps.

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