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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Legend / 5th Avenue, Princess Street

Legend, Princess Street. (c) Manchester District Music Archive.

One of the better known clubs in Manchester for many years (so well known it had its own brochure, as shown above), Legend was a basement club situated opposite the Cyprus Tavern and was (and still is) very much a student haunt. Legend opened in 1980 with some impressive decor inside, such as these ceiling lights:

Legend, Princess Street. (c) Manchester District Music Archive.

Well known as one of the best Indie music clubs back in the day, it regularly has up and coming bands on and is still as busy nightly now, as 5th Avenue, as it ever was. Legend was an excellent club for a late drink with good music, in a time when late bars weren't really available as they are now.

5th Avenue, Princess Street. (c) Myvillage.

5th Avenue, Princess Street. (c) Gene Hunt at flickr.


  1. The original Legend was opened in late 1980 by Lennons Leisure Group. The club was fitted by Julianas of London and had state of the art sound and light, including a multi-coloured laser show. The sound system had many special effects and was very high end. I visited the club that is there now and the sound system is horrendous compared to the original. The club opened as a members club, and DJ Nicky Flavell worked the decks 6 days a week. I took over from Nicky (an old friend) in January 1981, with DJ Ralph Randell a.k.a. Norman Ralph Mayles (he was also a professional ballroom dancing instructor). We raised the club up to be the "legend" it is today, and started the "Danceamatic" nights on Thursdays. After Ralph and I left (due to a music policy change) it slide into oblivion. It was, however voted "Best Small Club in the World" at the beginning of the 80's and was also one of the main promoters of "Electro-Funk" on Wednesdays after DJ Greg Wilson took over the decks from John Grant in late 1981. You would be hard pressed to find a better club today, it was simply magnificent from the decor, to the lights, the sound system, the music and the people that went there. In fact, I truly believe that it was the change of music policy by the management that helped start the then struggling Hacienda club, as all the regulars moved on to find the music they loved, after it had been taken away from them by a stupid management decision to stop playing upfront music and start playing party pop. DJ Paul Donald Rae

  2. Paul, this is brilliant info, many thanks. Fascinating but sad to hear about the decline of a great club. We'll update the entry and credit you, cheers.

  3. Yeah, interesting info thanks Paul.

    Greg Wilson talks about Legend here:

    His website is also a very useful resource if you want to know more about Electro-Funk: