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Monday, 19 April 2010

064. Ducie Bridge, Corporation Street

Ducie Bridge, Corporation Street, 2009. (c) deltrems at flickr.

The Ducie Bridge is an old red brick pub (1815) that sits on the corner of Corporation Street and Miller Street which has never been particularly inviting if I'm honest, but one that had to be done. Surviving more due to the weekday office trade (CIS and CWS towers are right in front) than its night time clientele this is a rather nondescript pub, with no choice of real ale and just the usual keg substitutes. Its only saving graces were the rare sight of Holts Smoothflow, the pool table in the corner, though this was covered up (could be because it was derby day) and the medley of Smiths songs put on by the barman, which was a nice touch. The Ducie is ideally situated for a quick one from Victoria Station, it's a shame that they don't try a bit harder, because given the choice between here and the nearby houses of Crown & Cushion and The Angel, its unlikely you would choose here, not least due to the lack of real beer. In the past it's been a Wilson's house, shown below in 1990, in 1971, and in the 1960s. A few years ago it was even a Maries Table chain pub (new one to me) for a while, also pictured below. Going back to 1870, landlord John Ashton was charged with allowing thieves to gather in his pub [1].

Ducie Bridge, Corporation Street, 1990. (c) deltrems at flickr.

Ducie Bridge, Corporation Street, 2001. (c) Scottyweb.

1. Crime City: Manchester's Victorian Underworld, Joseph O'Neill (2008).

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  1. Passed today 19.6.16, Now closed and boarded up. Co-op killing another one