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Monday, 12 April 2010

061. Gullivers, Oldham Street

Gullivers, Oldham Street. (c) markydeedrop at flickr.

JW Lees pub half way down Oldham Street which despite being owned by a local brewery had no real ale, just the keg Smoothflow rubbish. There was a pump for the bitter, but the barmaid insisted "it dunt work" whilst scowling at me as I dared to make another choice. Quite an intimidating pub, with regular all-day discos and very much a regulars' only. Probably the worst of what is generally a bad bunch of boozers down Oldham Street these days, and I can't see us going back in a hurry. Shame, because it's a nice looking boozer when there's not scallies and football lads hanging about outside it (maybe this was why the front door was locked with only the crowded doorway from Whittle Street letting us in). Gullivers was previously known as Grenadiers and the Albert, as seen in the 1970s.

Gullivers, Oldham Street. (c) Mickaul at flickr.

Update:  Gullivers has since closed then reopened as a music venue under new ownership.  Their nights are proving popular and the transformation of this previously rather dodgy boozer into a new and apparently thriving venue is a credit to them.  We will be returning once they start selling real ale, as is promised.

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  1. Been a dump for a long time. I can't think why anyone would want to frequent this place.

  2. i have been going in gullivers for afew years and have really enjoyed it with different kind of people and the music as been great and i really like the staff it will be a shame to see it all go

  3. Went to Gullivers this Saturday and had the best night ever. The DJ was awesome, every song he played got me up dancing. I loved the mix bag of people that came into the pub. This is how a pub should be, having your everyday real people. Can't wait to go againX

  4. Gullivers has certainly had a new lease of life as a music venue. Well done to them, look forward to a visit soon (as they put real beer on)

  5. We used to do Mod nights here in the 80s, was always a bit rum but a great pub. I have been in a few times recently but not at night, real ale doesn't really make a difference to me to be honest!!.