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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Cloisters, Oxford Street

Cloisters was the less famous neighbour of Rafters, Rotters et al on Oxford Street. The club was cheaper to get into with cheaper drinks, so probably attracted a certain type of punter in the '70s (think modern day Peter Street). It was a sticky-carpet cellar club and bar, with a bizarre slightly medieval theme and it had life-size suits of armour around the dance floor. There is even a documented haunting recorded for Cloisters - in the '70s the deceased owner, Bill Benny, was reported to have turned up on CCTV a few years after his death [1]! Cloisters closed in the late '70s, and from what I can gather was on the same side of Oxford Street as Rotters, towards St Peter's Square.

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  1. omg we got drunk as a scunk's trying to chat up the barmaids, latter got arrested about 04 30 in the morning then going to be best man at is wedding the same morning.