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Friday, 9 April 2010

055. Space, New Wakefield Street

Space, New Wakefield Street. (c) Manchester Bars.

Just down the street from Font, and all that was good with Font is reversed with all that is disappointing at Space. Previously Generation X, they still like to pass themselves off as an uber-trendy yuppie bar, which, if I'm honest, is probably the wrong type to try and attract in this area of town. There is a club, Sub Space, beneath the bar but we don't have to venture forth. There is also a roof terrace advertised but we didn't go searching for it either (see gallery on their website), preferring to neck our Guinnesses and Hoegaardens and move on. With pricey drinks, no real beer, and a subdued atmosphere compared to its neighbours, it's not one we'll be frequenting again. Maybe it gets busy at the weekends - if so, good luck to them, but it's not for the discerning beer drinker! We'll leave it to the review/advert in the Manchester Ailing News to flesh this one out.

Space review, Manchester Evening News, August 2008. (c) Space website.

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