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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Waterloo Hotel, Chatham Street

Just around the corner from where it all started (the Waldorf), and opposite the Brunswick stood the Waterloo Hotel on the corner of Piccadilly and Chatham Street. It was probably one of the earlier railway public houses and hotels after London Road Station was built. On this 1851 map from, note the Fever Hospital that once stood on Chatham Street in the above map. A few yards further along from the Waterloo was the grand and then world famous Queens Hotel, which in its time welcomed the Kings of Belgium, Portugal and Romania, Emperor of Brazil, Prince Napoleon, President Grant, Thackeray and Charles Dickens, amongst others [1]. This car park now sits on the site of the Waterloo:

Site of former Waterloo Hotel, Chatham Street. (c) googlemaps.


  1. Is this the same Waterloo Hotel visible behind the rooftop playground?

  2. Yes, that's the one, good find. thanks