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Friday, 2 April 2010

Quay Bar, Deansgate Quay

Quay Bar, Deansgate Quay. (c) roobarb! at flickr.

Quay Bar was a flagship project for Castlefield, costing the Wolverhampton & Dudley brewery £2.5m to build. It won the 1998 "Building of the Year" from the Royal Institute of British Architects. However it soon flopped and the brewery had several changes of management and introduced a last throw of the dice - a permenant 2-for-1 drinks promotion. It was rebranded as Modo by Urban Splash, then Club Canteena with its miltary theme (note the camouflage on the building in the bottom photo).

Canteena, Deansgate Quay. (c) toxophilite at flickr.

The Quay Bar was probably too far ahead of its time, having all the features that today would be raved about, including famously large stainless steel handpumps. After closure it fell into disrepair, became a den for drug users, had a serious fire and was finally demolished a couple of years ago.

Quay Bar, (c) roobarb! at flickr.


  1. Yes I think Quay Bar was ahead of its time. It had all the features that today would be raved about. Famously had very tall stainless steel handpumps as well.

  2. Hi there, I wonder then, If my painting was destroyed in the fire or whether somebody re homed it. I made it as a commission for the brewery via the architects in 1998? Yes it was a lovely building.