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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

131. O'Shea's, Whitworth Street

O'Shea's, Whitworth Street. (c) scottyweb.

Typically Irish pub and just like Mulligans, is at least filled with some Irish people and staff.  Now then, the theme here is of course unmistakeably that of the Emerald Isle, so it is, and it's fine if that's what you're into.  If it's not, then there are far better options in town for a few pints.  The pub iself is a large single-roomed affar with a stage area at one end for live music.  A bar traverses the entire length of one side of the premises, and there are usually no shortage of staff waiting to take your order.  In saying that for all the "Irish charm", it's just a little bit too much if you're not of that persuasion.

I would point however that I've never felt uneasy or threatened in anyway in here and it's OK for a quick one or two (and real ale is on offer in the form of Black Sheep), rather than maybe a whole night here, it's just better if you're Irish (or a united fan) methinks.  Give me the nearby Lass, Thirsty Scholar or Salisbury any day!


  1. For some reason I've never warmed to this place. As you say, there are far better options nearby. I'm left bemused when people say to me they have spent all evening in there.

  2. Did this pub used to be called the Lancaster Tavern? Seem to remember it being called that when I first went (1989?) changing to O'Sheas soon after that.