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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

129. Base Rock Bar, Charles Street

Base, Charles Street (c) sugarvine.

Base is "an independent basement HD sports bar with a rock 'n' roll soundtrack, doing our own thing in the face of the multi-national corporates".  With an Indian café site above in the old Po-Na-Na venue (bring your food down, I believe) and offering reasonably priced drinks, Base is clearly after a bit of the local student market as well as football fans.  The bar isn't entirely noticeable from outside on Charles Street down the side of the BBC, and but for our many trips to the next door Lass O'Gowrie, we may never have known of its existence.  The proximity to the FAC 251 club must help in this regard and it's something of a pre-club venue for those who prefer a bar to the traditional of the Lass.

Base, Charles Street (c) sugarvine.

The barman was a welcoming chap and the place has a good feel to it, albeit pretty empty for a Saturday early evening (and united on the telly), so we stayed for a couple.  Inside was spotlessly clean as were the toilets and the fittings and fixtures are comfortable.  Lack of real beer was a disappointment and the serving of Guinness in cans was initially puzzling, though this was somewhat tempered by the Guinness ultrasonic livening machine which was a good trick.  Though probably not enough to entice us back again but definitely one for the youngsters and students of Manchester!

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