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Monday, 4 July 2011

Ship, Cross Lane

Ship, Cross Lane, Salford. (c) deltrems at flickr.

The Ship closed down recently due to trouble, a fate that seems to have met too many of Salford's inner city boozers.  Another, more famous, Ship is described by Tony Flynn here.  There's also detail of Cross Lane Station on the Manchester Exchange line, one of Salford's lost railway stations.  The Ship stands at the north west corner of Liverpool Street and Cross Lane, one of at least 18 which once stood on the lane.  The pub was run by Sam and Elsie Fawcett in the 1970s or '80s, a couple who had previously had the Falcon, also on Cross Lane. Before it closed for good, the cheapest Guinness in town was on offer...

The Ship, Cross Lane, Salford, 2011. (c) Alan Horrocks.

UPDATE:  The Ship has now been demolished:

"Last orders as well as the last rights have been called on the famous and notorious Ship pub on Cross Lane.  As I am writing this I can hear smashing and banging from inside The Ship as they are ripping out the heart of a once great Salford pub and hub of the Clarendon community before they deal the final blow and demolish it.   Built in the seventies to replace its namesake that stood on the corner of Eccles New Road and Cross lane it was a thriving pub until it started to attract trouble. it opened and closed its doors many times over the past five years but two years ago it shut the doors for the last time.  There has been much speculation about what they was going to do with the building, now we now they are to raise it to the ground. So sad another one gone never to return.  If you want to take some photos of it be quick they drop pubs in Salford overnight. [1]"

The Ship, Cross Lane, Salford, 2008. (c) Salford_66 at flickr.


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