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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Welcome, Rusholme Grove

Welcome, Rusholme Grove, Rusholme. (c) NewtonBluesMCFC.

The Welcome is one of the most recent of the old pubs around Maine Road to close, and is still shown open on googlemaps.  I had a few post-match visits here but don't remember much of it, although it was always regarded as one of the quieter match day boozers.

Welcome, Rusholme Grove, Rusholme. (c) itsahotun.

The Welcome was popular with the BBC staff when they had their studio on Dickenson Road around the corner between 1954 and 1975. There were pictures hung in the pub of the stars that had recorded at the studio - apparently extras were recruited for filming on the promise of a pie and pint in the Welcome [1].

Welcome, Rusholme Grove, Rusholme. (c)

During its later days the Welcome was a keg only pub, but a few years ago I think I remember it serving Tetley's cask.  These days the Welcome is hardly living up to its name, looking sorry for itself, boarded up with its "Keep Clear" sign.

Welcome, Rusholme Grove, Rusholme. (c) googlemaps.

Welcome, Rusholme Grove, Rusholme. (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.



  1. Late 70s it was Greenall Whitley's I think. I remember those photographs of stars - there was a very camp one of David Jacobs - but I didn't get the connection till I read the above. It was a very pleasant, if unexciting, pub in those days.

  2. Drank there 1981-82 when a student at Hollings campus. Remember the photos of BBC personalities well. The floor near the bar had a mural of two wrestlers grappling on it. The landlord at that time was an ex pro wrestler with cauliflower ears. Very friendly local pub in those days.

  3. its closed now re opened as a dentist

    1. I lived around the corner at 7 Dickenson Road. I was born there in 1955. My father Harry Gosnay was a regular from then until the late 60's.
      The landlord was Francis St Clair Gregory, a famous wrestler and his sons were Roy and Tony. Both were also accomplished wrestlers.
      I had my first pint of beer there at age 11. My father would only allow me to have mild beer saying that bitter was chemical beer and 'no good for a young 'un'.
      Happy Days. :-)