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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sherwood, Claremont Road

Sherwood, Clarement Road, Rusholme. (c) NewtonBluesMCFC.

The Sherwood was one of the livelier pre-match pubs, with drinkers regularly spilling out onto the car park and pavement.  Abiding memories of the Sherwood are early starts in via the back door, supping nothing but cans of Breakers, and being mithered for 20 pence by Daft Donald, one of the real City characters.

Sherwood, Claremont Road. (c) Matt E L at flickr.

Apparently the Sherwood was the drinking hole of choice for bands who recorded Top of the Pops at the nearby Dickinson Road.  On the corner of Claremont Road and Union Street, it was one of the first pubs around here to fold after City ended their 80 year association with Moss Side and Rusholme.

Sherwood, Claremont Road, Rusholme. (c) Google 2011. View Larger Map.


  1. No mention of the bar staff with UVF on their knuckles and the barking alsation on the flat roof? Always seemed to be flash point between home and away fans after the match. When City were relegated by Liverpool in 1996 I remember a particularly violent ruckus taking place outside, and a police horse and rider trying to avoid the confrontation and join the lamenting punters inside for a pint.

  2. My Grandfather died standing up at the bar in this pub in Manchester 1962. I never met him :-/