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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Union, Higher Ardwick

The Union on the corner of Higher Ardwick and Union Street recently closed as a Burtonwood pub and is now the Spicy Grill Indian takeaway, following a surprisingly sympathetic conversion.  Good of them to still be guaranteeing "a warm and friendly welcome."  The Union has been rather isolated on this corner, a mile or so east of the city centre. 

Union, Higher Ardwick. (c) Google 2011 - View Larger Map.

There's a story on the MEN postbag site about an old woman who lived in a terraced house next door with her dogs.  The Council, in their wisdom even then, decided to uproot the community and move them to the Brunswick Estate in Chorlton-on-Medlock in 1967.  This caused the old woman much heartache as her home was demolished, yet typically, they've built nothing on the site since [1].

There are three photos of the Union by jacoliame at panoramio, including a 1970s one as a Wilsons house.


  1. Thanks for this post - it helped me discover a mystery that has been on my "to solve" list for over two years. Have just published some 1990 photos of the Union together with my recent phtos on

  2. Glad to be of help Gerald, what were the band doing out in Ardwick? Playing at the Con club, or the Irish club nearby? We would be happy to post one of Alan's photos with full credits and links if you give permission.

  3. I’m sure Alan Young would be fine about you using his photo.

    They played gigs mainly in Hyde and Ashton I understand but spent some time in Manchester and Liverpool

    You can catch the photos of his I used a couple of years ago on

    When I was searching for the Union t’other week I noticed the Gaelic Club

    I tried to find information about that but couldn’t find any – old maps I consulted led me to conclude the building was originally a school. Do you know any more about that?