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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Paddock / Fusiliers, Cross Lane

Paddock, Cross Lane, Salford, 2009. (c) Southern Driver at flickr.

Cross Lane in Salford used to have 18 pubs along its length from The Crescent and Liverpool Street.  Now there are none, and only a few remain, sadly closed, such as the huge Paddock on the corner of Cross Lane and Ellor Street at the top end.

Paddock, Cross Lane, Salford, 2011. (c) Alan Horrocks.

The Paddock's proximity to the old Manchester Racecourse explains its name and sign.  The Paddock has been boarded up for maybe five or six years now, and in its later days had downsized somewhat with the large lounge not in use.

Paddock, Cross Lane, Salford. (c) weasteman at flickr.

When The Paddock was a still a thriving locals pub back in the day it was full of characters "...1979... Jack Shore, George Vernon, Jimmy Davies and Jim Hope... brilliant characters, all sadly missed, never to be replaced, as is this once great Salford pub [1]."

Paddock, Cross Lane, Salford, 1990. (c) deltrems at flickr.

This aerial shot of the area shows where McDonald's is today, with the Paddock top left.

Paddock, Cross Lane, Salford. (c) James Herring at facebook.


  1. Huge Paddock was great on Round the Horne.

  2. You might be over-egging the Manchester Racecourse connection. The pub was called the Fusiliers until around 1970 - the racecourse closed in 1963, the year Lester Piggott won the Manchester Cup on Espresso. (Having said that, the pub was briefly known as the Horse and Jockey around the 1870s.)

  3. Was a favourite watering hole with REAL Boddingtons Ale, between 1973 and 76 when I was at Salford University. At the time my bedroom was decorated with beer mats and the landlord of the Paddock gave me some Swales Oatmeal Stout ones he had found in the cellar. I remember the Manchester "log end" dartboard and the elderly barmaid Lil. R.I.P. The Paddock.