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Friday, 22 July 2011

Moseley Hotel, Ashton New Road

The huge old Threlfalls pub, the Moseley Hotel, is seen in 1970 on the corner of Ashton New Road and Rowsley Street, also snapped by Alan Winfield for Pubs Galore.  Local Karen Kelly remembers the Moseley as a "Victorian pub with lots of history lost. It was a fab place with lots of down to earth people. We did try to save it but people with a lot more money paid to buy it and knock it down [1]."  Back in the day the Moseley Hotel would have faced the Cricketers Rest on a stretch of road skirting Beswick that used to be dotted with pubs.  Sadly, the Moseley has been supplanted by the out-of-place Mercedes garage opposite the main entrance to the stadium.  


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  1. Does anyone have any photos of it?