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Monday, 18 July 2011

Denmark, Moss Lane East

Denmark, Moss Lane East, 11th November 1994. (c) Alan Winfield with permission.

The new Denmark was built by Hyde's Brewery to replace the grand old Denmark Hotel which once stood nearby at the junction of Denmark Road and Lloyd Street North.  The new Denmark was a fairly smart estate pub whene Alan Winfield visited in Novemebr 1994, as kindly shown above (note the old 'Hydes Anvil' sign).  The pub was sited adjacent to Whitworth Park, one of the Manchester's many inner city public space that once saw grander times, as described here at Manchester History.  The Denmark is well-remembered by many older City fans, and it was right in front of our usual parking spot in the '80s and early '90s.  The pub was knocked down, perhaps in the late '90s, and has been replaced with a Manchester Academy set-up - the same development has blocked off part of Acomb Street, on the corner of which the Denmark sat, slightly back off Moss Lane East.

Former location of the Denmark, Moss Lane East. (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.


  1. The site of the Denmark is now occupied by an advertising board sat in a grassed square which was once the site.The Denmark was at the corner of Denmark rd,a long row of old terraced dwellings containing the new immigrants from west indies ,lots of shabeens,hookers drugs etc ,but no trouble.Heaving with activity.

  2. Yes, I think you mean the original Denmark mate... . If you have any specific locations or stories of the Moss Side shabeens we'd be keen to feature them

  3. Hi granata,

    I went in the new Denmark pub on 11 November 1994.
    it was a modern looking Hydes tied house and it was quite smart inside and not what i would expect for a pub in this area.
    I thought it was Hydes brewery tap and they closed it down to expand the brewery.
    I will be adding this to Pubs Galore when i find a post code for it.

    Cheers Alan Winfield

  4. thanks Alan, M14 4PY I believe, look forward to seeing a photo of it! would host it if you'd like to email it

  5. thanks Alan, M14 4PY I believe, look forward to seeing a photo of it! would host it if you'd like to email it

  6. Hi Granata,

    If you let me know your email address i will send it to you.
    If there are any other pubs in Manchester and in the future Salford that you are struggling to get photos of i would be happy to help.

    On another subject i am trying to find a post code for the Cavilier this pub was on north graves drive in the Cheetham Hill area,i have had no luck in finding anything about it as i want to add to Pubs galore.

    Cheers Alan

  7. Many thanks Alan, very generous of you.

    dan @