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Friday, 29 July 2011

Eagle, Robert Adam Crescent

Eagle, Robert Adam Crescent, Hulme. (c)

The Eagle was one of the most notorious of the Hulme Crescents boozers, sandwiched in between Robert Adam Crescent and William Kent Crescent.  A classic, rough looking estate pub, this tale from iRich at the site gives us a clue of what it was like:

Eagle, Robert Adam Crescent, Hulme. (c) nualabuyeye at flickr.

"None of us had ever been into Hulme and we were all stoned and basically soft punk students in leather jackets. We got a bus from Old Trafford that used to go through the Crescents and wandered about in this Stalinist Orwellian nightmare of a place, on a dark freezing winters night, increasingly paranoid of the shadows. It was quite intimidating on first experience, particularly at night. Anyway, we found the Eagle (like a large Dulux tin made into a pub if I recall) and staggered in." 

Eagle, Robert Adam Crescent, Hulme. (c)

"The people in the pub were like inmates from an insane asylum. First of all, the mad Irish pool playing dwarf ex- boxer who kept coming up to me whilst I was trying to vanish into the wall. Smacking his fist into his palm and shouting "fair play, foul play" at me whilst staring at me with mad red chicken eyes."  

Eagle, Robert Adam Crescent, Hulme. (c) spanbeam at flickr.

"The unbelievable heavy metal Rasta guy tripping off his head, dancing in the middle of the pub to a tune in his own head with a chair and the arse completely ripped out of his jeans.  It must have had an effect cos I moved into Epping Walk within a year. Never went back to the Eagle though, I reckon I had some post-traumatic herbal disorder that evening."

Eagle, Robert Adam Crescent, Hulme. (c) Alan Denney at flickr.

In the 1970s the Eagle was ran by the famous '70s wrester, Honeyboy Zimba, who fought Big Daddy and the like.  The pub is pictured here, probably in the 1980s, as a Buzard house.

Eagle, Robert Adam Crescent, Hulme. (c) spanbeam st flickr.

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