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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Manchester Regiment, Hulme Hall Road

This Hulme estate pub sat over Chester Road on Hulme Hall Road where it crosses Ellesmere Street, photographed in technicolour by Alan Winfield for Pubs Galore.  It was a Greenall Whitley pub and was set back just off Chester Road, facing the factory with arches windows which still stands today.

Manchester Regiment, Hulme Hall Road, Hulme. (c) kevinfromHulme at exhulme.

The patch of wasteland to the right in the below shot marks the site of the old Manchester Regiment.  This part of Hulme near to the River Irwell is known as St George's and is undergoing slow regeneration, part of which involved the demolition of the Manchester Regiment only a couple of years ago after a long time boarded up.


  1. Hey! Me old man was in the Manchester Regiment in World War Two, but he never left the country. Maybe cos of his poor eyesight. It was the war poet Wilfred Owen's regiment too. Didn't know there was a pub named after regiment. They amalgamated them with the King's Regiment, which was the Liverpool regiment, dunno how THAT worked out.

    Alright Dan? This is kipper now banned from BV and not coming back.....

  2. Shocking Kippo! That place is going to the dogs.

    Forza Granata

  3. Granddad was based here and battled through WW2 with Monty

  4. It was frequently like WWIII on a Saturday night in the Regiment pub

  5. May 2017 at 12:14

    My grandad run the pub on the main road in front of the regiment before it was there!it was called the Hulme hall in, and was knocked down in 1969