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Friday, 8 July 2011

Lord Lyon / Nelson, Claremont Road

Nelson, Claremont Road, Rusholme. (c) NewtonBluesMCFC.

The Nelson on Claremont Road closed not long after City vacated the area to move into the City of Manchester Stadium in the east of the city.  Better known as the Lord Lyon, it was a bit of a dive on the odd occasion we popped in here, usually on the way to better pubs like the Claremont or Beehive.  I'm not sure why the Lord Lyon was renamed - may have been after the original street name, Nelson Street - as shown here in 1969.

Lord Lyon / Nelson, Claremont Road. (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.

The following describes the Lord Lyon in happier times, and also mentions another old, closed and much-missed Maine Road pub, the Welcome:  "Mickey Gold ran the Lord Lyon on Claremont Road in Moss Side, perhaps the nearest pub to Manchester City's old ground at Maine Road and only a cock's-stride from Roy St Clair at the Welcome on the other side of Wilmslow Road.  Good beer and good people at the Lord Lyon. [1]"

Lord Lyon / Nelson, Claremont Road. (c) Google 2011. View Larger Map.

Although still shown on googlemaps, the Lord Lyon / Nelson, which stood at the corner of Claremont Road and Victory Street, has recently been demolished, having spent its final years as a church meeting venue and then a snooker hall, 'Rusholme Pool Corner'.  It joins its old neighbours, the Gardeners Arms, Rusholme Working Mens Club and Osbourne on the ghost pubs of Victory Street.



  1. I think that may have been it's original name. Never a good boozer, in my opinion, but still sad to see these ones go.

  2. Looks like Victory Street used to be Nelson Street -

    Agreed, it was probably my least favourite boozer round here

  3. i remember going in it during the strangeways riots, it was on the telly and a few of clientelle spotted people they knew on the roof ,nuff said

  4. Pub On every Corner In Those Days in Rusholme Red lion Sherwood lord lion gardners arms Osborne white lion happy days

  5. great pub great beer rough as fuck

  6. The landlord's name was Nugent, dont know his first name, his son & daughter-in-law lived there, and there was a fire upstairs in which their baby died.Can anyone remember the name of the daughter-in-law?

  7. Think it was Jimmy Nugent who was the landlord but don't remember the name of the daughter in law.

  8. Was a regular in the late 1960s - it was one of the better pubs in the area, good music room, pianist called Mabel who had been performing there since before WW2. Last stop before the Temperance zone on way to Maine Rd. Everything has its day. Sorry its gone.

  9. I did the Lord Lyon with the wife after watching Nottingham Forest at Maine Road,we did the pub on the 6th April 1991,the pub was signed as a Bass tied house but we were lucky in finding Holts bitter on the bar.
    It was packed with Man City fans but felt safe enough to have a second pint and a half of the cracking Holts bitter.

  10. remember this as a very cheap pub - Holts was always the cheapest beer. A group of 10 or us went in (we were students) and it went quiet and everyone turned around and stared at us. We didn't stay long!