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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bradford / Champagne Charlies / Guvnors, Mill Street

Champagne Charlie's, Mill Street, Beswick. (c) Gene Hunt at flickr.

The Bradford Hotel, here in 1964, was on the corner of Mill Street and Wilson Street and finished its life as Champagne Charlies and the Guvnors Sports Bar after City moved to Bradford.  I only visited here twice - once before the City of Manchester Stadium (now the Etihad Stadium) opened and once after an England friendly - and recall nothing except the fact it was ale-free, the awful fall-back Guinness the best offering.  

Champagne Charlie's, Mill Street, Beswick. (c) googlemaps..

The Bradford was a fine looking pub but was demolished a couple of years ago after its last couple of years were under the ownership of Mickey Francis, a name familiar to most Manchester football fans. Ironically, the Guvnors Sports Bar was possibly the only away friendly pub around here, the upstairs bar being visitors only (and seemingly plusher). 

Guvnors Sports Bar (home fans), Mill Street, Beswick. (c)

Guvnors Sports Bar (away fans), Mill Street, Beswick. (c)


  1. Can't believe this place has gone - Great memories

    1. I knew Doris and her husband both good people. John Berry,