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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Falstaff, St Wilfrids Street

Falstaff, St Wilfreds Street, Hulme. (c) Alan Winfield with permission.

The Falstaff was one of Hulme's many ugly new-build estate pubs that were built to serve the council's misguided attempts post-war Hulme estates.  Replacing an existing Sir John Falstaff / Falstaff Hotel on the lost Bedford Street, It was sited next to St Wilfrids Church, which is pictured and described at the Manchester History site [1].  Its proximity to the church is shown here in the 1970shere confirming it as a Watney's house, and this one shows the kind of council houses it once served.  It was later a Wilsons house offering cask Bitter and Mild when photographed by Alan Winfield for Pubs Galore [2].  At least the site of the old pub is put to good use these days as a football pitch, off Jackson Crescent, just south of the Mancunian Way near the Chester Road roundabout.

Falstaff, St Wilfreds Street, Hulme. (c) Jonnyboy Smith at Facebook.


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