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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Corporation, Cross Lane

Corporation, Cross Lane, Salford. (c) kpmarek at flickr.

The Corporation at the top end of Cross Lane on the corner of Paxton Lane, is another of this lane's many lost pubs.  Like the Paddock across the road, it's been closed a while but still stands, having been converted to a takeaway - these days L.A. Pizza, and in the past, Salford Chippy.  

Corporation, Cross Lane, Salford. (c) Richard Rogerson at closed pubs.

The Corporation is a newer build than the older Paddock, and may have been built to cater for the high rise flats and council houses that neighbour the pub.  Its proximity to The Crescent (left, in the below shot) and the university suggest that the students as well as the locals stopped using this pub (and the others of Cross Lane). 

Corporation, Cross Lane, Salford. (c) googlemaps.

The thankfully retained signage advertising a "fine selection of traditional ales" suggests that decent ale was on offer, although "traditional" may refer to the 1970s and '80s tradition of kg, particularly in estate pubs like this.  A few comments from locals have suggested this was a rough-arsed boozer towards its final days...

Corporation, Cross Lane, Salford. (c) googlemaps.


  1. The Corporation isn't a newer build than the Paddock - the current building dates to around 1905 (the Paddock was rebuilt about 1938). There were a dozen pubs built to cater for the redeveloped Salford Precinct area. You have featured the Pied Piper, Woolpack, Woodman, Champion, Keystone, Kettledrum and Ship. We're still looking forward to the Brass Handles, Brass Tally, Mariner, Flemish Weaver and Winston; the last two of which are, of course, the only ones still open.

  2. Brass Handles & Brass Tally lined up, Mariner being investigated. Flemish Weaver and Winston will have to wait till a visit.