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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Haymarket, Tonman Street

Haymarket, Tonman Street. (c) Oldfield & Day [1].

The Haymarket was named after the old Manchester hay markets which stood around nearby Dumville Street and Byrom Street, as seen here in 1906.  Tonman Street is the next street after Liverpool Street as you go up Deansgate, and this Tetley's house, the Haymarket Hotel, stood until at least the mid-1970s as seen here in 1970 and here in '73.

In 1975, the Haymarket was described as a no frills, working man's boozer, with a shabby, tiled, 1930s interior.  Cask Tetley bitter and mild were available on push button, and keg Double Diamond, Skol and Guinness were also on offer.  Pool, darts, fruit machines, electronic tennis plus colour and black & white TV were for drinkers' entertainment [2]. 

The former location of the Haymarket on Tonman Street is seen on this map from Manchester History [3], now the location of the small housing estate off bounded by Longworth Street, Camp Street, Lower Byrom Street and Tonman Street.

1. Manchester's Sporting Past: Nineteenth Century Athletic Grounds, Samantha-Jayne Oldfield & Dave Day, Manchester Metropolitan University.
2. The Manchester Pub Guide. Manchester and Salford City Centres, Manchester Pub Surveys (1975)


  1. Can you identify the Boddies house on the 1906 'Link', can't quite make the name out.

  2. Good spot. Could it be the Druids Arms? Will check the map asap.

  3. Could be........??
    Can't find it on the map though.

  4. Family connection with the Druids, around 1910 Frank Hogg was landlord. Got a photo somewhere of father in law on a pony outside pub.