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Monday, 25 March 2013

Alexandra House, Alexandra Road

Alexandra House, Alexandra Road, Moss Side. (c) All Rights Reserved - Manchester Local Image Collection. Click here to view full image.

The Alexandra House was a small Groves & Whitnall then Greenall Whitley boozer at No.102 Alexandra Road, Moss Side.  It is shown in 1971 and 1972 next door to a shop selling barbecued food as the Moss Side streets around it are demolished.  Back to the sixties and you can see the opticians that used to stand next door on the other side. Unlike a number of the Moss Side pubs that were allowed to remain when the area was redeveloped - the still serving Claremont and Big Western, and the more recently lost Talbot and Great Western - the Alexandra House was pulled down in the mid-'70s.


  1. It always impresses me how pubs, no matter how tiny, always seem to have two entrances, am assuming bar and lounge in a lot of cases. I can think of plenty of tiny pubs but none spring to mind with two doorways nowadays.

  2. That's such a nice looking pub... they don't make em like that anymore.

  3. Is the Big Western still open? I only discovered it when I walked past a couple of weeks ago and it looked very firmly shut on a weekday afternoon, news online from recent news doesn't give a good feeling. I live nearby so if anyone knows for sure what's going on I'd appreciate an email to Ta.