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Saturday, 21 April 2012

189. Four In Hand, Palatine Road

Four In Hand, Palatine Road, West Didsbury. (c) Gene Hunt at flickrCreative Commons.

As we arrived at our second pub of the day, we were surprised to see a 4 x 4 army tank sat in the car park and wondered jokingly what sort of pub we were about to enter.  Fortunately the only danger to our health would more likely to be from death by boredom as this was a very basic, open plan public house, with little to recommend it other than its prominent location on the corner of Palatine Road and Lapwing Lane.  If the Woodstock was the sort of place you would take your Nana, then this is the place you would meet your mistress for dinner, sure in the knowledge that you wouldn't be seen by anyone you know. 

Four In Hand, Palatine Road, West Didsbury. (c) Pubs of Manchester.

Bargain food deals were heavily advertised and to be fair to them, plenty were dining in there and a good sprinkling of kids added to the charm (?) of the place.  It could have been that busy due to the impending Manchester United game about to be shown, but this did little to keep us from staying for a further pint.  As for the beer, two uninspiring choices of real ale, with reasonable levels of quality, together with the usual 'FMCG' of Fosters, Carling, Strongbow, Guinness, etc.  As pub goes, very bland and inoffensively average; again, suits some people, but not for us.




  1. Why no review for the West Didsbury pubs?

  2. Pub seems to be either being knocked down or renovated as fencing is round it

  3. This used to be a mental home, Summer House I delivered papers to them in the 80s.