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Saturday, 21 April 2012

188. Woodstock, Barlow Moor Road

Woodstock, Barlow Moor Road, West Didsbury. (c) Woodstock.

The start of the West Didsbury crawl began with this imposing building sat back on Barlow Moor Road, just across from Albert's restaurant, the former Barleycorn public house of days gone by.  Looking like a typical Didsbury residence, it is something of a strange pub-cum-restaurant which would appear to be more the sort of place you would take your mother or Nana to for Sunday lunch.  Inside it's very much decked out for food, and even though it was a Saturday when we visited, it was already beginning to attract the coffee and croissant crowd from early doors. 

Woodstock, Barlow Moor Road, West Didsbury. (c) Woodstock.

Outside is a decent covered smoking area, and probably would be quite nice in the summer, but again, it's not a place for the casual drinker, more suited really to the students and Didsbury clientele.  As for beer, there were three different real ales on, reasonably well kept but far too cold.  Not a particular bargain at £3.40 a pint either.  So in conclusion, not really a boozers' pub, but would suit some more than others.


Woodstock, Barlow Moor Road, West Didsbury. (c) Woodstock.

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  1. Regularly featured as the local boozer in ITV's Cold Feet back in the 90s.