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Monday, 8 August 2011

Hussar, Epping Walk

Hussar, Epping Walk, Hulme. (c) NWfilmarchive at vimeo.

Not sure if this Hulme estate pub was actually on Epping Walk, but it was close by.  The Hussar is shown here in 1971 tucked in between high rise and low rise council flats.  It was one of Hulme's first estate pubs and was named after the King's 15th Hussars that served at the nearby Cavalry Barracks, now Barrack Street Park / St George's Park. Ironically, this Hussar and the old Fifteenth Hussar which once stood on Portland Street in town, were named after the cavalry that were implicated in the Peterloo Massacre in St Peters Square.  Believe it or not, when the Hussar pub opened in the late 1960s, the actual 14th and 20th Hussars arrived in a couple of tanks and let locals kids play on them [1].


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