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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Cattle Market Hotel / Red Rose, Cross Lane

Cattle Market Hotel, Cross Lane, Salford, 1974. (c) Arthur Brougham with family's permission.

The Cattle Market Hotel, one of Cross Lane's many pubs, was a huge and popular boozer due to its music and dancing licence.  This pulled in the crowds at the weekend, often including coachloads of scousers who would invariably end up scrapping with the local Salfordians.

Cattle Market Hotel, Cross Lane, Salford. (c) Salford online.

You can see why the pub was so named in this photo taken at the turn of the twentieth century, courtesy of the Disused Stations site (

Cattle Market Hotel, Cross Lane. (c)

The Cattle Market changed its name in the 1950s to the Red Rose and offered wedding parties, dinners and dances in its ballroom.  The Red Rose is pictured below in 1962 and it closed in 1974.  It was at the top end of Cross Lane on the opposite side to the Craven Heifer

Red Rose, Cross Lane. (c) abrakeebabra at flickr.

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  1. I seem to remeber that it was a disco in 1971 called the Cattle Market is that right?