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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Angel's Whisper / Shamrock, Style Street

Former location of Angel's Whisper / Shamrock, Style Street, Angel Meadow. (c) googlemaps.

On the face of it the Angel's Whisper is a lovely name for a pub, and its location, on Style Street off Angel Street and overlooking Angel Meadow (and its St Michael's burial grounds), seems to explain it.  However, it is also Army slang for the call to deserters, and the pub's later name, the Shamrock here in "Irish Town" suggests there could be more to it.  An 1845 robbery at the Angel's Whisper saw Hugh Collins, George Oliver and William Jones charged with stealing 10 shillings, cigars and ale from William Wood's beerhouse, though charges were dropped.  Having opened in the 1840s, it was still the Angel's Whisper in 1869 but the Shamrock by 1873 [1].  

1. The Old Pubs of Rochale Road and Neighbourhood - Manchester, Neil Richardson (1985).

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