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Monday, 9 January 2012

City centre north pub crawl

Thanks to Rob Jozefowski who sent in these great pub crawl maps.  This one takes in familiar territory and many of our favourite haunts on match day (and otherwise).  It offers beer lovers paradises (Marble Arch, Angel, Port Street Beer House), reinvented classic boozers (Marble Arch (again), Angel (again), Fringe, Crown & Kettle, The Castle) and a couple of old characterful places (Smithfield and the Wheatsheaf).  The old dive that was Gullivers has been reopened as a music venue but remains ale-free for the time being.

(c) Rob Jozefowski.


  1. Unfortunately just a bit too small to read even when enlarged :-(

  2. Realised that 8-(. The originals are perfect size but blogger wants to reduce them in size automatically. Will try again at a later date...

  3. Right click & open in new tab/window appears to be the only way. The text, I gather, is just a collection of comments from BITE.