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Friday, 27 January 2012

171. Oast House, Crown Square

Oast House, Crown Square. (c) Oast House.

Manchester's newest addition to the real ale scene, the Oast House looks rather out of place in the clinical surroundings of Spinningfields with its rustic Kentish oast house (a hop-drying kiln) design.  However, inside the place is reassuringly busy, with the ancient-looking wooden tables and their quirky chairs filled with a decent mix of young and old drinkers and eaters.  The drinks menu is made up of rather pricey bottles although the occasional relative bargain is to be found (£4.50 for a bottle of Marble Chocolate Stout), and for once, the grub was sampled with the burger from the outdoor kitchen and the mezze both superb.  

Oast House, Crown Square. (c)

Quite surprisingly, a fantastic little selection of real ales are on offer from four faux barrels at the back of the bar which initially gave impression they were on gravity.  Thankfully the hand-pulled Thornbridge Jaipur in a dimpled pint pot (£4) was in excellent nick.  The Living Ventures team (Australasia, Alchemist), has got the Oast House spot on including genuinely pleasant staff and good beer (they could have easily played it safe with Abbot, Deuchars, Hobgoblin, etc.).  Its roaring success thus far should attract more equally excellent pubs and bars to Spinningfields (BrewDog should think about here rather than Peter Street!).

Oast House, Crown Square. (c) Oast House.


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