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Monday, 30 January 2012

Alexandra, Mill Street

Alexandra, Mill Street, Bradford. (c) DN at Manmates Facebook [1].

The Alexandra sat on the corner of Stuart Street and Mill Street in Bradford, just off where Alan Turing Way passes these days.  The pub is shown twice at the archives in 1963, firstly as a Wilsons house, then advertising the much-maligned Watney's.

Alexandra, Mill Street. (c) Alan Gall [2].

The Alexandra was still open in 1989, listed as selling Tetley's bitter and mild [3], but almost a hundred years earlier, it was in the news for being the meeting place where the Bradford and Clayton Athletic Ground Company was wound up, as shown above.

Alexandra, Mill Street, Bradford. (c) London Gazette

2. Manchester  Breweries of times gone by, Alan Gall (year unknown).
3. Ale of Two Cities, Real Ale and Real Pubs in Manchester and Salford, CAMRA (1989).

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